6th Edition

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Kevin Edwards

Director Construction Automation


This congress was a really good opportunity to see the developments in the industry 4.0 and to discuss not with just engineering companies, but with suppliers and vendors, their approaches and techniques which they are implementing, and being asked by clients what are their future digitalization plans.


Tobias Giesgen

Analyst, Emerging Digital Technologies


What I achieved from the congress is an overview of what kind of technologies are available, what kind of trends are ongoing on the market. And I met some interesting companies who introduced me to their technologies that would be definitely followed-up.


Yulia Zakharova

IT Process Engineer

Nord Stream 2 AG

Professional working in Oil and Gas industry really need AUTOMA Congress. First of all, to meet each other, to share experience. For me it was important to know what's new in market, what's in trend. I see how we can grow and develop the industry together


Pedro Carreiras

Senior Manager, Projects (Digital & Innovation)


The congress as a whole for me was a very positive experience. It was quite insightfull from the technical point of view and the networking was very positive also.


Luca Motti

Onshore Drilling Digital and Risk Management Manager


AUTOMA Congress platform is a single point for satisfying different needs and it is very easy to use.


Tolga Timirci

Vice President Operations

Tekfen Engineering

The reaction to my presentation was very fruitful because I had a lot of interesting to-the-point questions


Stelian Salcudean


Layher Romania

You are absolutely professional, I am very surprised about that!


Daniel Seidel

Co-Founder & Co-CEO


We met a lot of different companies from all across the globe at the AUTOMA and I would definitely attend the next AUTOMA. It was a great experience for us to meet so many companies from the Oil&Gas.


Daniel Salvador Garcia

Process Optimization Engineer

CEPSA Puente Mayorga Plant

It was very useful to meet other colleagues, to do networking and to learn a lot.


Jörg Eitler

Head of Global Business Field Oil & Gas Upstream

NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH

This is the best way I ever can imagine how to connect people in a digital way