AUTOMA 2021 Delegates' guide

Business program

  • Welcome coffee break (7:00-8:00 CET)

    • Welcoming speech (8:00-8:20 CET)

      • Regina Chislova

        Project Director
        BGS Group

      • Yuko Iizuka

        Country Manager – Managing Director for European Emerging Countries, Country Manager for Romania, Head of Global Delivery Center Romania

      • Christopher Veit

        Member of the Executive Board responsible for Upstream
        OMV Petrom S.A.

    Session sponsor

    • DigitUp - Game changer for OMV Petrom Upstream (8:30-8:40 CET)

      • Christopher Veit

        Member of the Executive Board responsible for Upstream
        OMV Petrom S.A.

    • Why full scale digital transformation is only possible with a shift of mindset and technology (8:40-8:50 CET)

      • Paul Sitbon

        UERP APPS

    • Digital Twin in Project Delivery (8:50-9:00 CET)

      • Vaseem Khan

        Global Vice President, Operations Performance and Digital Head of Energy Transition & New Energies Enterprise

    • Talent or investment: what plays a bigger role in transformational change? (9:00-9:10 CET)

      • Adrian Boiarciuc


    • Securing OT & IoT in Oil and Gas Operations (9:10-9:20 CET)

      • Marcus Josefsson

        VP of EMEA
        Nozomi Networks

    • discussion between panelists (9:20-10:30 CET)

    Coffee break (10:30-11:30 CET)

    Session sponsor

    • Digital Twin and Predictive Analytics tools (11:30 - 11:55 CET)

      • Johan Ferket

        Consultancy manager

    • Digitalisation in scaffolding: Layher SIM®️ as key to success. Reducing shutdown times – increasing safety and profitability (11:55-12:20 CET)

      • Wolf Christian Behrbohm

        Managing Director
        Wilhelm Layher GmbH & Co KG

    • Digitization and Asset Performance Management “APM 4.0” (12:20-12:45 CET)

      • Mohamed Elbadrawi

        Project Engineering Manager

    • Self healing assets and Asset Management platforms (12:45-13:10 CET)

      • Pedro Carreiras

        Senior Manager, Projects (Digital & Innovation)

    • Connectivity and Mobility through Digital Control of Work (13:10-13:35 CET)

      • Mark Breese

        Head of Sales
        Yokogawa RAP

      • Anton Grigore

        Director Sales & Marketing
        Yokogawa Europe B.V. Olanda Sucursala Romania

    Session sponsor

    • Enable Operational Excellence with a Contextualized View of Global Operations (11:30-11:55 CET)

      • Zdeněk Zadák

        Business Development Manager, CEE
        ICONICS Europe B.V. - o.z.

    • Achieving Natural Gas transmission excellency by digitization (11:55 - 12:20 CET)

      • Yehiel Viner

        Manager Control and Automation
        INGL (Israel Natural Gas Lines LTD)

    • Digitalization of gas networks to enable energy transition (12:20-12:45 CET)

      • Pier Lorenzo Dell’Orco

        CEO of Italgas Reti
        Italgas S.p.A.

    • Digital transformation for frontline workers – perform faster, safer, better, more reliable (12:45-13:10 CET)

      • Frédéric Plasson

        Regional Director Alps + Eastern Europe

      • Mihai Danila

        Seth Dynamics

    • The Key Role of SCADA and ICSS Systems Integration in Digital Transformation (13:10-13:35 CET)

      • Koray Özkuzu

        ISET Engineering Support Manager
        TANAP Natural Gas Transmission Co.

    • Digitalization: potential benefit and optimization across the Oil & Gas chain (11:30-11:50 CET)

      • Mark Langerhorst

        Project manager

    • Digital competence: preparing our people for tomorrow (11:50-12:10 CET)

      • Prashant Soni

        Digital Strategist – Operations & Asset Development
        Aker BP

    • Meeting Investor Demands for Increased Monitoring and Transparency in Carbon Reporting (12:10-12:30 CET)

      • Philip Black

        Global Emerging Solutions Lead, Digital & Technology

    • Asset Management data issues impacting operational performance, sustainability, compliance and safety (12:30-12:50 CET)

      • Arkadiusz Burnos

        Managing Director EMEA
        SEAM Group Europe Sp. z o.o.

    • discussion between speakers (12:50-13:35 CET)

    Lunch (13:35-14:30 CET)

    Session sponsor

    • How Smart Maintenance Solutions Create Measurable Added Value for Plant Operators - LOCTITE’s Journey to Become a Digital Pioneer (14:30-14:55 CET)

      • Dr. Kourosh Bahrami

        Senior Vice President General Manufacturing and Maintenance
        Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

      • Dr. Michael Honné

        Head of MRO 4.0
        Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

    • Do you know what is behind the corner? Imagine being able to know the next behavior of your production processes! (14:55-15:20 CET)

      • Samuli Bergman

        Product Manager
        Neste Engineering Solutions Oy

    • Collaborative Data Anaytics for Creating Smart Downstream Plants (15:20-15:45 CET)

      • Utku Civelek

        Lead data scientist

    • Digital Twin in project execution (15:45-16:10 CET)

      • Tolga Timirci

        Vice President Operations
        Tekfen Engineering

    • Smart Sensors – An Insight and Case Studies (16:10-16:35 CET)

      • Fawaz AlSahan

        Engineering Consultant, P&CSD
        Saudi Aramco

    Session sponsor

    • Data Lake of Manufacturing in the Cloud (14:30-14:55 CET)

      • Juan María Aramburu

        Keepler Data Tech

    • Digital Transformation Enablers and Barriers (14:55-15:20 CET)

      • Faruk Ozer

        Head of global ICS
        Genel Energy

    • Implementing a Digital Workspace for the Upstream at Ecopetrol (15:20-15:45 CET)

      • Gustavo Londono

        Senior Exploration Geophysicist, Exploration Vicepresidency
        Ecopetrol S.A.

    • iConstruct Model Conditioning and Package Tracking for AWP (15:45-16:10 CET)

      • Robert Gadbaw

        Client Success Manager US
        iConstruct (AUS) Pty Ltd.

    • Making your data work as hard as you do: Overcoming the pitfalls of lifecycle project data controls (16:10-16:35 CET)

      • Kevin Vardy

        EPS Digital Program Manager

    Coffee break (16:35-17:30 CET)

  • Coffee break (7:00-8:00 CET)

    Session sponsor

    • GAS Connectivity™: How “On Demand” Digital Support for Turbomachinery in Oil and Gas Plants Can Be Achieved Remotely (8:00-8:25 CET)

      • Uwe Luer

        Aftermarket Business Development Manager
        Atlas Copco Gas and Process Division

    • Data Management and Digital Transformation in the Oil & Gas Project (8:25-8:50 CET)

      • Antonio Schiavone

        AWP Group Leader

      • Luigi Anselmi

        HoD Construction Methods & Innovation

    • NextPlant: Maire Tecnimont Digital Platform for optimizing Plant performance (8:50-9:15 CET)

      • Stefania Taraschi

        Technology, process &HSE Head of department
        KT – Kinetics Technology SpA

    • The journey of digital transformation in construction industry: From strategy to execution (9:15-9:40 CET)

      • Firas Hijazi

        Manager Information Systems, Projects Automation and Controls
        Consolidated Contractors Company

    • MOH Refinery – Predictive Maintenance solution (9:40-10:00 CET)

      • Dimitris Michalopoulos

        Head of Industrial Applications
        Motor Oil Hellas

    • Build, maintain and operate energy assets: the next step in digital technology (8:00-8:30 CET)

      • Amato Nicoli

        Projects Director, Romania
        Bonatti S.p.A.

    • Use of analytics in digital asset management and drilling equipment diagnostics (8:30-9:00 CET)

      • Julian Zec

        Senior digital programs manager
        Maersk Drilling

    • Safety from digital perspective - Design Consideration for Remote ESD button for Normally Unmanned Facility (9:00-9:30 CET)

      • Sharul A Rashid

        Group Technical Authority, Instrument & Control

      • Khairul Anwar Bin Idris

        Staff Engineer, Instrumentation & Control

    • discussion between speakers (9:30-10:00 CET)

    Coffee break (10:00-11:00 CET)

    Session sponsor

    • The impact of big industrial consumers in the Future Electrical Grid (11:00-11:25 CET)

      • Arturo Fraile

        Sales Director South Europe Sales Director

    • Air support on site (11:25-11:50 CET)

      • Mareike Braun

        Program Manager Digitalization
        Linde GmbH, Linde Engineering

    • Data Management on EPC Projects. Implementing ETL procedures across all stages (11:50-12:15 CET)

      • Shamil Fazleev

        Data Manager on EPC Projects

    • DTEK's Oil & Gas Technology Hub introduction (12:15-12:40 CET)

      • Oleksandr Arkhipov

        Technology Development Unit Manager

    • discussion between speakers (12:40-13:05 CET)

    Session sponsor

    • Mobile Field Service Management: Reducing costs – and your Carbon Footprint (11:00-11:25 CET)

      • Peter Semancik

        Business Development Manager CEE & DACH
        RESCO spol. s.r.o.

    • Safety in drilling automation (11:25-11:50 CET)

      • Stuart Sullivan

        Commercial Solutions
        Nabors Industries - CANRIG Robotics

    • Digital solution for GHG reduction in the Oil & Gas industry (11:50-12:15 CET)

      • Olivier Benyessaad

        Head of Business Development
        DORIS Engineering

    • IoT and Advance Data Analytics for Enabling Rig Automation (12:15-12:40 CET)

      • Khalid Alnoaimi

        Chief Representative of Aramco's Technology Office in Aberdeen
        Aramco Overseas Company B.V.

    • Experience of using UAVs for supervisory control and design of seismic survey works in the Republic of Serbia (12:40-13:05 CET)

      • Kseniya Kultysheva

        Head of Digital Transformation Program, Science & Technology Center (NTC NIS)
        NIS j.s.c. Novi Sad

    Lunch (13:05-14:00 CET)

    • Monitoring systems for super-extended objects using distributed network of seismic sensors (14:00-14:15 CET)

      • Jeremy Avital


    • Buying Intent detection to intercept Oil & Gas Supply Actors (14:15-14:30 CET)

      • Jacopo Chirici

        Co-Founder and CXO (Chief Experience Officer)

    • Pipeline Monitoring from Space - Mitigate Risks posed by Ground Deformation and Vegetation with AI-Powered Satellite Analytics (14:30-14:45 CET)

      • Daniel Seidel


    • Digital material certification and supply chain traceability powered by blockchain (14:45-15:00 CET)

      • Tom Meulendijks


    • Value of Data - End-2-End Data Processing (15:00-15:15 CET)

      • Bernhard Beyer

        Vice President Digital Transformation & Projects
        OMV AG

    Coffee break (15:15-16:15 CET)

  • Coffee break (8:00-9:00 CET)

    • Top-levels strategic panel with OMV Petrom and Microsoft (9:00-10:00 CET)

      • Tibor Bacsó

        Director, Industry, Oil & Gas

      • Sorin-Daniel Babici

        DM CIO &Digital Office Petrom
        OMV Petrom S.A.

      • Ion Ionut Georgian

        Head of OPGS IT
        OMV Petrom S.A.

      • George Konstantelos

        Digital Transformation Manager
        Hellenic Petroleum S.A.

      • Zhanibek Nugertayev

        GM of Retail

      • Dmitry Shevchenko

        NIS j.s.c. Novi Sad

    • Oil&Gas value chain Diorama - technical demonstration (10:00-11:00 CET)

      • Ovidiu Bradin

        Managing Director
        NetGAS Research & Development

      • Tibor Bacsó

        Director, Industry, Oil & Gas

    Lunch (11:00-12:00 CET)

    • OMV Petrom-based case-studies (12:00-13:00 CET)

      • Valeriu Filip

        Founder, Full Stack Dev

      • Tibor Bacsó

        Director, Industry, Oil & Gas

    • Oil&Gas virtual look-up in partnership with PTC (13:00-14:00 CET)

      • Bogdan Baranga

        Senior Director, Solutions Development & Field Engineering

      • Tibor Bacsó

        Director, Industry, Oil & Gas

      • Robert Opletal

        Strategic Accounts Representative

    Closing coffee break (14:00-15:00 CET)