Digital Insights and Innovations: Highlights from AUTOMA 2023


On 27-28 November, the AUTOMA Congress brought together over 380 industry leaders and more than 180 O&G companies and technology providers, transforming into a vibrant hub for the latest advancements in oil and gas automation and digitalisation. Hosted by OMV Downstream GmbH, the event provided a platform for insightful discussions, thought-provoking presentations and networking opportunities.

The Congress programme featured over 60 digitalisation experts who shared their knowledge and insights through a series of engaging discussions that fostered a collaborative learning environment. 


At the Opening CDO Panel, "The Great Transition: energy of the future," c-level industry leaders from OMV Downstream GmbH, TWTG R&D B.V., Commercis, BOTAS Petroleum Pipeline Corporation, and Essar Oil UK delved into the critical aspects of the digital journey, exploring the role of digitalisation in shaping the energy of the future. Gudrun Kollmitzer, VP Business & Digital Transformation at OMV Downstream GmbH, set the tone for the event with her welcoming speech, and Michael Sattler, SVP Value Chain Optimization at OMV Downstream GmbH, highlighted the transformative impact of digitalisation on the energy sector.


Roundtable 1, "Digital twin linking physical and digital world," showcased how digital twins are revolutionising oil and gas operations, optimising resource utilisation, and enhancing safety. Participants from Hexxcell, OMV Downstream GmbH, Schneider Electric, Gizil GmbH, and ViewAR engaged in a lively discussion, sharing their experiences and insights on the practical applications of digital twins.

The second day of the programme commenced with a Leaders Talk, "Collaboration as a heart of Digital Transformation Progress." Top-speakers from SMAR, Axens, Tecnimont SpA, Repsol, McDermott, FLUOR, and OMV Downstream GmbH emphasised the significance of partnerships in driving operational efficiency and laying the foundation for a sustainable energy future.


A very captivating roundtable on an important topic for the entire industry, "Artificial Intelligence in Oil & Gas," delved into the transformative potential of AI in revolutionising oil and gas operations. Industry leaders and experts from Imubit, Wood, NTC NIS Naftagas, Petrofac, Alteia, TUPRAS, and JGC Corporation explored the role of AI in optimising processes across the entire value chain.


The Exhibition area and Tech Zone provided an exciting showcase of cutting-edge technologies, featuring robots, models, drones, and a range of innovative solutions. Delegates had the opportunity to interact with these technologies firsthand, gaining valuable insights into their potential applications.


The first day of the congress concluded with a Gala Dinner, providing an opportunity for attendees to network in an informal atmosphere. The evening was complemented by live music, a magician's performance, LED show, and an exciting prize lottery.


We extend our sincere gratitude to all participants who came to share their knowledge, experiences, and aspirations for the future of oil and gas automation and digitalisation.

We look forward to welcoming the community back to the next edition of the Congress on 21-22 October in Germany, where the journey towards a sustainable and digitally empowered energy future will continue to unfold. Learn more

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